When Are Legal 500 Rankings Released

Login details have been sent to all companies – if you have not received your login or are having trouble accessing submissions.legal500.com, please contact us via our FAQ page via the « Submissions » section. To send us your submissions, please visit submissions.legal500.com and follow the on-screen instructions to send us new documents. We welcome constructive criticism and critical feedback. If you think we`re wrong, contact us (and state why you think we`re wrong). However, we do not match our rankings and editorial comments. As a new U.S. editor, I would appreciate your comments and ideas on how we can evolve rankings and evolve the guide to ensure it adequately reflects this largest legal market in the world. Do not hesitate to contact us. The task of the drafting is to research the legal market in practice; assigning rankings to business practices; and the accompanying editorial.

There is no charge for an editorial submission. Our editorial staff is independent and we do not favour advertisers. Our Poston content team has a proven track record of writing legal directory quotes and quotes, including The Legal 500 and its main competitor Chambers & Partners. Click here to learn more about our team or contact us today. The Legal 500 has announced a series of webinars that we are hosting as well as a list of webinars that the IBA is organizing with our support. The full list is legal500.com/events/webinars-home/ available here and is regularly updated The Legal 500 app provides mobile users with offline access to The Legal 500 content, including GC magazine, five hundred magazines, The In-House Lawyer, GC Powerlist series and more, as well as access to our rankings, comments, profiles and biographies of market-leading lawyers. EMEA: The EMEA 2020 edition was launched as planned on 15 April 2020 in legal500.com. If you have any questions about rankings or publishing, please contact our research team at legal500.com/faqs We encourage companies and ensembles to use the recommended logos on their websites, electronic signatures and marketing materials and, where possible, cite www.legal500.com as a source.

The logos may only be used by companies, groups and individuals recommended as part of our independent research in the editorial sections of The Legal 500. Our team of experienced researchers, which includes both qualified journalists and lawyers, conducts intensive market research several months a year. The main source of our information is the law firms themselves, and the information they provide is often not intended for public use. This allows us to properly evaluate them against each other, exercise area by practice area. We also collect feedback from our colleagues and their clients to assess their overall visibility and reputation. The process results in detailed rankings and editorials that provide legal buyers with an objective analysis of the U.S. market, updated annually. Current rankings and information from the 2022 edition of The Legal 500 United States. « The Legal 500 Podcast » will follow shortly. We will make announcements through the website and our social media channels, so follow us when it appears. Interviews are based on a standard questionnaire.

However, follow-up questions and more comprehensive conversations about specific law firms and key issues that influence the purchase of legal services are indeed the norm. This is partly due to the fact that the interviews are conducted by experienced journalists and researchers with a high level of market knowledge. Not all interviews are assignable. Throughout the year, we also receive many unsolicited comments and recommendations from customers. All historical data showing the firm and some editorials from the last 5-13 years are available as part of a set of firm profiles on our historical data website (data varies by region; data includes all firm ranking tables; individual recommended lawyers are included in the text but not included in the tables). We are also the only ones to publish their web statistics. We have about 18.5 million page views per year. We believe this is much more than any competitor or any comparable legal website. We believe our traffic is 2.3 times higher than Chambers & Partners` website (source: semrush.com; ahrefs.com; similarweb.com) Our editorial research and rankings are based in part on audience information and market knowledge. However, we also rely on submissions from law firms in which they provide detailed background information about their firm`s strengths (e.g. the work the firm has been involved in; Branches; , experience of partners and other collaborators).

Some of them will be strictly confidential. The success of The Legal 500 is based on the companies` knowledge that they can count on us to maintain this confidentiality. United States: The USA 2020 edition begins on June 9, 2020 at legal500.com The client study conducted for The Legal 500 consists of two main components and includes qualitative and quantitative analyses. Each year, we write to companies asking them to provide information about their areas of expertise, asking for specific details about the work done in the previous year (some of which is confidential and not publicly available). This approach gives us a consistent level and standardized data quality, allowing us to compare legal service providers with greater accuracy and security. If you want a more in-depth analysis of your submission, editorial ranking, and market position, we have a number of reports that can be ordered before or after rankings are published. Please contact Tim Verbrugge for more information. The next edition will feature rankings in these new areas: The goal of The Legal 500 is to help in-house counsel and legal teams find the right advisors through our law firm rankings and editorials, which are available free of charge on this website. Our rankings are based on feedback from 300,000 internal colleagues and our access to law firms and confidential matters, which are independently evaluated by our researchers. Our research team has done an incredible job over the past few weeks and remains committed to providing the best rankings and analysis to the legal market in an ever-changing world. As always, we would like to thank all the law firms, ensembles, and in-house counsel who have worked with us to ensure the business continues as usual.

Law firm submissions are an important part of our editorial research process. If you do not provide us with general information, we will only have to rely on publicly available data. In practice, this means that a law firm that does not send us a lawyer`s file is unlikely to be as well represented in our editorial and rankings. For more information on how to make the most of your firm`s presence in The Legal 500, please contact: amy.mcdermott@legalease.co.uk This general information (which includes confidential and non-confidential information) is an important part of our editorial and ranking process. To be clear, no company will be penalized in rankings or reports for taking advantage of this increased flexibility, and we will take into account any customer feedback we may receive during the revised schedule. fivehundred magazine is a monthly magazine published by The Legal 500 team. Ten times a year, our team of experienced writers and researchers, along with a variety of renowned experts, will address global issues affecting the legal profession and offer advice on best practices in management, marketing, business development and recruitment.

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