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If you want to skip the Start screen every time you start Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to open a blank document directly, follow these steps: If you find that the saved Word document is empty when you open it, how can you fix the problems? The following part deals with the answers. If your Word document opens blank because you forgot to save it, the solution is different. Read the article on how to recover unsaved Word documents in Windows 10. When Steven opens Word, he sees a number of ways to create a blank document or use different templates as the basis for a new document. It always chooses to create a blank document. He wonders if there is a way to skip this choice opening palette and access a blank document from the start. On this page, we offer you some possible solutions to fix the saved Word document issue. Try each of them in turn until the problem is resolved. If you have problems with the Word document that is empty when opened, don`t get stuck anymore. Here are some handy methods to fix the problem of saved Word document now empty. Use the robust file repair software to repair corrupted Word files effectively. Although the Start screen in Word is useful for quickly viewing and opening recently opened documents, you can view recently used documents even after you turn off the Start screen. To view and access recently opened documents, you can right-click the Word icon on the taskbar at any time, and then click the document entry to open it, or use the Ctrl+O keyboard shortcut key to quickly view recently used documents.

Have you ever encountered the problem of a saved Word document opening blank? If so, the underlying cause seems uncertain. However, there are two main reasons for this problem. The document may have been damaged in some way. In this case, the contents of your Word document are gone and the file appears to be empty. Malware, viruses, or other external threats can attack Word and result in blank Word documents. The blank document that you start with when you open Word (« Document1 ») and any documents you create by clicking the New button on the Standard toolbar (Word 2003 and earlier) or in the New or Templates dialog box or file| select Blank Document. The new tab (Word 2010 and later) is based on the Normal template (Normal.dot) in Word 2003 and earlier; Normal.dotm in Word 2007 and later), which is the « global » template that also stores (by default) most customizations, such as changes to styles or toolbars. The next time you start Word, you don`t see the Start screen. Instead, a blank document is displayed, just like in earlier versions of Word. Excellent answer for a completely different question.

The question is how to start with a blank, empty document with no text boxes and template options. Yes, skipping the « home screen » frees us from unwanted options, but always starts with a dirty template, not a blank page. So how can I get a blank page please? Thus, you can bypass the usual home screen in Microsoft Word and force Microsoft Office to always open blank documents in Microsoft Word. Fortunately, it is possible to skip or bypass the Start screen in Microsoft Word and configure Microsoft Word to always open with a blank document. You can also use the /a switch to prevent the saved Word document from opening blankly. The /a switch is a debugging tool that you can use to find out where the problem is in Word. Starting Word with the /a switch disables all add-ins, global templates, and settings so that you can determine whether these factors are causing the blank work problem. Restart the Word program. The Word program should now automatically open a blank document instead of displaying the Start screen.

However, many users don`t want to be bothered by all these options and prefer that Microsoft Word always start with a blank Word document instead. It`s a mystery how users manage to accidentally save text in the « Normal » template, but if your « blank » documents suddenly open with the text of an old document, you`ve done it! There are basically two ways to fix this: you can delete the extraneous text, or you can force Word to generate a new default copy of the Normal template. In this article, you will learn how to do both and preview the results of the latter. Now restart Microsoft Word on your computer and you will see that Microsoft Word will automatically open a blank Word document on your computer. Download and install this file repair program on your PC and follow the steps below to repair blank Word documents. Unlike previous versions, newer versions of Microsoft Word (2013 and later) do not open a blank Word document when you start the Microsoft Word program on your computer. Another way to fix the problem of blank Word document when opened is to use the /a command-line switch. The /a switch is a troubleshooting tool that can be used to determine where the problem may be in Word. Opening a recently used document can be helpful, but it will often overload you with a document you don`t need. Generally, it is more useful to open one or more specific documents when you start Word. To do this, type the full path and name of each file after the program file, with a space between each name and all on the same line: In addition to document templates, the Start screen also displays recently opened documents, pinned documents, and shared documents. Learn how to force the Office Word program to open the default blank document.

Great suggestions if you want to open a blank document when you open Word or switch to Word. My preference is to switch to Word (from another application) and have Word NOTHING open. So I don`t have that interruption if I want to do something else. All ideas are welcome. You can configure your Office applications to launch with a new, blank document by skipping the Start screen, and in this guide, we`ll show you how. In any version of Word, you can use the /a switch to start Word without loading the Normal template. For more information about startup options, see the « Use startup command-line switches to start Word 2010, Word 2007, Word 2003, Word 2002, and Word 2000 » Help topic. To start Word this way: A notable way to empty saved Word documents is to use the Open and Repair command tool. It works well and it`s quite effective. Follow the steps below to continue with this method.

Step 3: On the resulting page, in the Settings section, uncheck Show document gallery when opening Word. There you go! Instead of opening with a blank Word document, new versions open with a standard home screen where users can choose from a variety of document templates. Word gives you a blank document based on the Normal template as a sign of his continued dedication, much like your cat might arrange the occasional eviscerated rabbit for your morning meal. (Well, now you should know better than walking barefoot without turning on the lights, right?) 2. Once you are in a blank Word document, click on the File tab on the top menu bar. Instead of continuing to eliminate the unnecessary blank document by clicking the Close button (and wishing you could get rid of the bunny with equal ease), you can prevent Word from creating the document, create a document based on a template of your choice, or open a document for you. To do this, use the Word startup switches (startup options) in the shortcut that you use to start Word. How do I make Word 2016 display all the templates that are available when I open? The note above allows you to check if a blank screen option is displayed – sometimes I want to be able to choose a suitable model! Step 3.EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can automatically repair your corrupted documents. After previewing the file, you can click « Recover » to save the repaired Word, Excel and PDF document files to a safe location. To ensure that Word always opens one or more documents in the Recent list (the list that appears at the bottom of the File menu), use the /m switch, the Word file, and the file location.

For example, /mfile1 opens the document at the first position in the list. If you`re using apps with an Office 365 subscription (opens in a new tab) or the standalone version like Office 2019 or Office 2016, you can adjust the settings to always launch apps with a blank template. « Yesterday, I worked for a long time on a Word document (about 5 pages of a report) and I saved it several times. But this morning, when I tried to open the document, it appeared empty and without text. I have big problems. Why is my saved Word document empty when I open it? How to recover blank Word documents? Solutions? It`s easy to set up Word to always open a blank document. Simply turn off the Start screen in the Word program to automatically open a blank document every time you run the Word program. If Word does not find the Normal template at startup, it creates a new one. You can make sure of this by deleting the file, but it`s usually best to just rename it. When I start Word, the last thing I need is another blank document based on the normal template, I prefer to have one based on my template. What I really want is for Word to open the document I need to work with. If you change a style in the Normal template (for example, if you change the default font, paragraph spacing, margins, or page size), that change affects any blank document that you create from now on.

Of course, when you store text in Normal.dot, that text appears in every blank document you create, and in most cases, this is not recommended. We believe that after trying the above approaches, you can fix the blank Word document when it is opened. To repair corrupted Word documents, try EaseUS file repair software that can effectively repair your corrupted files. If the saved Word document is damaged, you cannot open it or it may be empty when you open it. Under these circumstances, you need a Word document repair tool.

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